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The Perfect 5 A Day for Office Workers

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The office rarely feels like the healthiest environment in the world. The occasional trudge to the printer isn’t burning any calories, the constant stream of birthday cakes isn’t helping with that tightening waistband and staring at a screen all day is leaving your eyes feeling like a pair of tiny, dehydrated, squinting raisins…But just so happens that raisins could be part of the solution.

Increasing numbers of businesses are turning on to the idea of office fruit delivered by the likes of Fruitful Office as a way to keep staff healthy, happy, motivated and on the ball….Has Your 5 A Day Lost Its Way? We Brits are notoriously bad at keeping up our fruit intake.

Perfect 5 A Day for Office Workers

Yes, we all know that we’re supposed to eat five a day, but with fresh fruit and veg becoming increasingly expensive while fast but nutritionally useless meals tempt us from all sides, very few of us manage to hit the big five every day of the week. According to DEFRA’s 2013 food statistics pocketbook, fruit and vegetables should make up 33% of our household food purchases.

Instead, the good stuff makes up a measly 24% of the food we buy. In fact, out of 19 EU countries surveyed in 2012, the UK rank 14th when it comes to fruit and veg consumption. Tut, tut.With fruity goodness seriously lacking from our daily diets, the office is the perfect place to make sure you’re topping up on your five a day. Swap those slices of birthday cake for an apple.

Get rid of those salty, fatty crisps and replace them with some delicious dried mango. If you’re ready to make a change, here are our top 5 office fruits, designed to give you the vitamins and healthy goodies you need to make a big impact at work! Blueberries Sometimes it can feel like a new so-called superfood comes round every other month, but blueberries have been at the top of the superfood chain for years now.

There have been dozens of studies into these little blue beauties, and the consensus is that they are brilliant when it comes to boosting memory, increasing concentration and improving cognitive function, along with a whole host of bodily benefits. It’s all down to flavonoids, apparently.
Blueberries are full of them – and they’re tiny, tasty snacks too!

lack currants another small, bluish berry but a whole different story. Blackcurrants are tart little berries, ‘jam’ packed with vitamin C. These small, unassuming fruits are one of the best sources of the vitamin that we know about.

They can be rather sour, so include blackcurrants in a lunchtime fruit salad to make the most of their memory boosting, health enhancing powers. Apples We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it can be hard to remember this run-of-the-mill fruit in our daily diets.

The humble Apple, particularly its skin, is chock-a-block with an antioxidant called quercetin which protects your brain cells and keeps your brain power firing on all cylinders. Bananas The classic office fruit – and for good reason! You may not be physically active at work, but you need to keep your energy levels up to maintain your concentration and your get-up-and-go! Bananas are a rich source of potassium and carbohydrate, without the fattiness of most high carb snacks.

Ideal for putting some mid-morning coal on that fire! Strawberries if you’re staring at a screen all day, it’s important to take care of your eyesight. All fruits are good for the eyes (not just carrots!) as they’re high in antioxidants.

Ensuring you consume lots of these goodies will keep muscular degeneration at bay, giving your whole body the chance of a longer, healthier life – your eyes in particular. Strawberries and other red fruits are particularly high in antioxidants, making them great for healthy vision – and they’re scrumptious too!

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