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Nandrolone Decanoate in the USA

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Nandrolone is a natural from of steroid that is derived from the hormone testosterone which is a male sex hormone. It is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid from testosterone. Nandrolone Decanoate also called as Deca Durabolin, initially developed to treat anemia caused due to kidney problems, is the second best injectable steroid loved by body builders and athletes which increases red blood cells, and helps in muscle growth. It also helps in lean muscle mass and increases bone density.

Where to buy Nandralone?

Earlier Nandralone was available on prescription in any pharmacy in the USA. It can be taken as Over-the-counter medications. But, now-a-days, it is becoming difficult to get it even on prescription. Watson Pharmaceuticals was the only company that produces Nandralone. Watson had stopped to produce it now due to the lack of raw materials. Point to be noted is that Nandralone is still available in black market though! The reality is that Watson stopped production of Nandralone due to political pressure.

Nandrolone Decanoate in the USA

After Watson has stopped producing Nandralone, one who needs Nandralone must visit the compound pharmacy which will produce the medicine on customer order. The problem with this is that the drug from compound pharmacy is not covered by insurance and hence it becomes very expensive. Due to the cost of Nandralone, the patients suffering from HIV are also unable to buy this.

Now there is heavy pressure on Compound Pharmacies also from Drug Enforcement Agencies, with which the compound agencies are also stopping to produce Nandralone. Applied Pharmacy was another company that was producing Nandralone at a reasonable cost but due to unreasonable reviews from Drug Enforcement Agency, they have also stopped to produce it now facing a federal probe on steroid scandal.

Hence, the patients with real problems are the sufferers due to the problems raised by youngsters by misusing the steroids. So, there is a need to get a proper enforcement law to stop illegal use of human growth hormone and not stop the necessary supply of the drug.

How to buy Nandralone?

When buying it online, do remember that it is available in many versions which mean there are potential dealers and fake sellers. Do remember to evaluate the ingredients of the drug as it is not available legally, there are chances that you might be buying a fake product that may not give you good results. Ensure that the seller has good brand steroids and gives you complete information about the product on his website. Should have correct contact details and must give details of shipping. Most importantly, make sure you make the online payment safely.

Nandralone Cycle:

Nandralone can be used both in bulking and cutting cycles. The very old but classic cycle of Nandralone is to take it with Dianabol that provides very good muscle growth.Nandralone should always be combined with testosterone. Deca can be combined with Winstrol also that helps in conversion of estrogen.

The most important thing is that a Post cycle is very important with a Deca steroid. That should be started 3 weeks after finishing the cycle.

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