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Modern uses of Ancient Ashwagandha

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Ashwagandha is basically originated from India. It is found to have many Ayurvedic uses. It has been in the use from many centuries. It is a Sanskrit word which means the smell of the horse.’ It is indeed seen to have boosted the immune system and strengthen one’s health. The horse is known to have a lot of power and the resistance and hence, this medicine is derived from this property of the horse.

Ashwagandha and its uses were found in the ancient Indian books. Doctors have found its excellent uses with some research and they have created a very effective dose of the plant. It is actually a herb which has healing properties if added with some other ingredients. Because of these healing properties, it is known the Indian Ginseng’. If you see it practically, ginseng and Ashwagandha are not related at all.

The medicine is made from the yellow roots of the herb. It is used to keep away cancer and also to boost your immune system if you are suffering from an illness. It can also cure the pains in your body which are caused by the inflammation of the respective part. It is also seen to relieve the stresses of your body and reduce the anxiety. If you are having problems with the concentrations, you can take this medicine to help you focus with enhanced concentration. You can sleep better with induced concentration and relieved stresses.

How does it work?

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen. These are used in the body to reduce the hormonal secretions carried out by the body. When you experience stress, your body releases few hormones as a precaution for the upcoming risks such as increased heart rate and high blood pressure. These hormones can be very harmful to your body sometimes. Ashwagandha helps to block these body’s chemical reactions to stresses. It helps to minimize the physical as well as mental stress, anxiety and the state of depression.


You can consume Ashwagandha for multiple times in a day. If you are a regular user, you may take a complete dose of 500mg per day. It will give you all day protection from the stress.

If you are not a frequent user and you have minimal stress levels, you should consider taking 50 – 100 mg dose per day. This can be good typical doses of Ashwagandha enough to keep you from the stresses.

For people suffering from severe stresses and advanced chronic and degenerative conditions, a dose of 6000 mg should be consumed. We strongly recommend you to consult the doctor first. Explain him all the stresses you are going from and if you have any other medical illnesses, don’t forget to mention that as well.

Modern uses of Ancient Ashwagandha

Side effects

There cannot be any side effects if you are on a low dose. As you increase your dosage, you may experience the following side effects.

The main side effect of Ashwagandha is drowsiness and sedation.

If you are taking it for a long time, you can also have the upset stomach, diarrhea, and vomiting.

However, these side effects are not seen in the consumers.

Ashwagandha, being an Ayurvedic medicine is very safe to use and there aren’t many risks involved with it, although, consult your doctor before going for it.

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