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How To Do Marketing Of Your Aesthetic Practice?

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Once you are done with your training in the cosmetic course the next step is to plunge into the aesthetic industry. It means that you either have to work at some aesthetic clinic with other aesthetic practitioner or start your own aesthetic practice as an independent practitioner.

If you intend to take the other option after completion of your cosmetic courses training then it is necessary to market your aesthetic practice. Without marketing, people may not know that you are offering aesthetic treatments and which non-surgical cosmetic treatments you are offering. To help you get your message through here are some useful tips to market your business.

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  • Find your target market: This initial step is crucial for your business. First, you need to determine your target clients. It is necessary that you should maintain a record of who is already your patients or what kind of patients do you want to attract towards your services in your particular locality.

Now you need to consider two important aspects of your target market which include:

  • Demographics: age range, gender, income and location of your target patients
  • Psychographics: what is their lifestyle, where they like to spend their money, what hobbies or interests they have?

Bonus Tips: to find these, what you can do is conduct a survey in your locality based on MCQ’s give them come incentive in form of complementary treatment to those who fill out the survey forms. Another way to collect this information is to ask people who are already your patients.

You can also conduct a survey through a joint venture with any beauty salon or spa. They have existing customers who can spend time filling out your survey forms. You can also offer them your aesthetic treatments because beauty salons are visited by people who want to look beautiful, fresh and young.

  • Create your message: After you are done with your research and have found your right target audience, the next step is to spread your message. How your services will give benefit to the people and why should they consider your aesthetic practice for the aesthetic treatment? Which qualities distinguish you from the others in the aesthetics marketplace.

You need to craft a compelling message and highlight your service qualities to convince the target clients to have aesthetic treatments from you.

  • Choose the medium: When you are done with creating your message, you can have it printed on brochures, flyers or in the local magazines and newspapers to let the people know what you are offering and why they should approach you for aesthetic treatments.

The marketing medium can be divided into the following categories:

  • Internal marketing strategies: this includes sending newsletters, open clinic offering, email subscriptions
  • External marketing strategies: brochures, flyers, newspapers, magazines advertising, radio
  • Internet marketing strategy: website development, SEO, blog creation, Paid online marketing
  • Social media marketing: Use of FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, LinkedIn

You can find out which combination of marketing strategy proves most beneficial for your business through experience and trying different combinations. Just aesthetic courses training are not enough to attract the clients. These tips will surely help you to kick-start your own aesthetic business.

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