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How Hair Transplant An Effective To Get Rid Of Baldness

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The hair loss problem or baldness is a reason for great loss in personality as well as in self-esteem, confidence that affects both men & women equally whether the causative agent is genetic or conditional factors. The hair loss caused by the genetic factor that is inherited to one generation to others is termed as the Androgenic alopecia. The Androgenic alopecia type of hair loss presents the pattern baldness with male pattern baldness and the female pattern of hair loss that is needed to be corrected out with the treatment of hair transplants that are only a single option to get back the original hair permanently with all the natural effects, i.e., color, caliber, texture and length properties.

What is a Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant

The procedure of hair transplant or implantation is a single cosmetic surgery method that facilitates the root shifting from hair zone to no hair zone in such a manner that the patient gets their own original hair back and achieve the expected goal in terms of density, hairline design as well as the volume of hair.

The hair transplant procedure involves the shifting of hair roots from the donor location into the recipient bald area in order to cover the bald area with a head full of hair and meet the aesthetic need of the procedure.

The hair transplant in India is a quite considerable option as the procedure is performed by the pioneer Surgeons who has worldwide recognition and got a remarkable appearance in the hair transplant surgery world.

Now the donor area is a top concern for the experts as it only responsible for giving the expected grafts number and cover the bald portion via the implantation of graft process. The donor area, which is also called as the safest donor area, usually taken from the back & sides of the scalp are resistant to the effect of DHT (Di Hydro Testosterone) and neither fall out nor show the effect of miniaturization. The back & side area of the scalp are genetically programmed with resistant characteristics to the effect of DHT and primarily used in the hair restoration procedure.

How Hair Transplant is a Worthy Solution to achieve the original Hair is described below:

It gives Permanent Hair Roots

The hair root extraction is done through the safe donor area, which is destined to remain permanent in nature and never falls out. Therefore, the hair transplant result is lasted until life and grows, lengthen and sustain the caliber, texture, and color likewise the original hair. However, the hair transplantation is a permanent option along with the cost saving option as it requires once in a life and further sitting is allowed only if the patient needs it according to their ongoing state of loss. It is the best cosmetic procedure that is worth to apply if you are affected by the genetic hair loss.

The Transplanted Hair is Patient’s own Hair

The procedure of restoration applies the transferring of hair roots from hair zone to the no hair zone and the patient’s own scalp is only used for this process to achieve the procedural success in terms of successful hair roots implantation as well as getting the natural result with the natural caliber, length, texture, and color of hair. It is a great misconception that someone else’s hair roots are used for the restoration as it cannot fulfill the aesthetic goal of the procedure because it is not cosmetically accepted.

It is as natural as Original

Yes, hair transplant procedure as much natural as it is original because the process work is all natural in which patient’s own hair roots is used and on the other hand it offers you the natural hairline if performed by the expert hair transplant Surgeon. The expert hair transplant Surgeon performs the procedure with utmost precision and careful decision in order to place the grafts in such an irregular fashion that meets the criteria for a natural hair transplant results.


Summarizing all, the hair transplant procedure is a permanent cosmetic surgery option to get the original hair back with the sustainable character as the roots are extracted from the area, which is genetically programmed for resistivity to the effect of DHT.

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