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Five Ways to Beat Gym Boredom

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Going to the gym and flexing the muscles is a popular trend among the modern generation. There are lots of benefits associated with regular gym sessions. Workout is essential to improve body strength, stamina, and flexibility. The unnecessary fat starts loosening up with regular gym sessions. It helps in keeping the body fit and healthy and more immune to deadly diseases.

But often it has been seen that members start losing out on their interest in gym workout sessions after a certain time level. This is not the right thing. Gym workout sessions need to be continued all throughout the life. It is necessary to stay fit. So, don’t fall prey to boredom. Hitting a gym in Rotterdam is common for the Gen-X but continuing for a lifelong purpose is what makes most of the sense. Those who fall prey to boredom can tryout the following tips to bring fresh air into the workout sessions while preventing boredom from coming in. Have a look:

Beat Gym Boredom

Tip 1: Superset for exercises Superset helps in making the exercise not only more intense but also saves a significant amount of time. Superset can be defined as a culmination of two different exercises/workouts being performed back to back without any rest in between the sets. This form of workout is excellent because it keeps the performer’s heart rate up constantly during the session. It helps in challenging the body and makes the workout become more interesting and less time consuming. During the superset routines, the performer is requested to take rest only after completing one whole set (i.e.: one set from exercise A and one set from exercise B comprises of a single whole set). The rest period should not be in the range of 45-60 seconds.

Tip 2: Circuit training this form of a workout can be quite interesting and highly effective. It basically involves performing three to five exercises (sometimes even more) back to back without any break in between. This is also somewhat similar to the superset training, only difference is the number of exercises being performed together in here. Rest is taken only after completing one circuit. It also saves a lot of time while performing many exercises. It is recommended to include such a training option in the workout schedule. It helps in improving the overall intensity and stamina of the body. It also helps in burning higher amount of calories while taking less time. Some of the workouts to include in circuit can be running, spot jogging, skipping rope, jumping jack, etc.

Tip 3: Mixing up the cardio Cardio routines are great to burn higher amount of calories. However, performing the same type of cardio exercises can be quite boring at times. Doing the same thing over and over again can cause frustration. Also, the body stops showing improvements after a while. Therefore, it is necessary to mix the cardio exercises with newer ones. Also, increase the repetitions and interchange the workouts.

Tip 4: Try the pyramid Pyramid sets are extremely effective and must be included in the workout routine. According to pyramid, the number of reps needs to be changed with every set. For advanced level bodybuilders, the amount of weights usually increases with every set. Pyramid set helps in developing the muscles and increasing the strength of the body.

 Tip 5: The number 11 concept Take two different workouts as per the liking and then try to complete these two in a manner so that the total repetition combining the two workouts equals 11. Say for example, Push-up and Hanging rows. In this format, a person can do 8 push-ups and 3 hanging rows. Or the person can interchange the number of reps on each of these exercises as his/her preference. Just keep in mind that the combined total reps should be exactly 11.

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