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Five Beautiful Therapies for Body and Mind

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Run down? Wondering what happened to your get up and go? Try these five bountiful therapy ideas to reinstate your oomph as the seasons get ready to change…Acupuncture Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese science of nerve manipulation, using delicate needles.

The needles are placed in your skin at key energy points, which correspond to the nerve clusters embedded in the muscle. Different depths and types of needle deliver different intensity of acupuncture.

The effect is powerful when a directed course is taken: the needles exert pinpoint pressure on the nervous system and gradually release blockages. Treatment is effective for a number of conditions, including persistent headaches, muscular pain and fatigue. An average acupuncture session lasts for 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of massage. Expect to feel the full effects of the treatment the following day.

Beautiful Therapies for Body and Mind


Massage has been practiced for centuries, in a number of different forms. The precise type of massage required to treat your condition depends on the severity of the pain and the type of injury or muscular fatigue you are experiencing.

A number of apparently non-muscular conditions may also be treated by massage, up to and including chronic headaches and tiredness. Skilled massage relieves the buildup of tension in major muscles groups and the deep tissue muscles that lie next to nerve points. Headaches, for instance, may be caused by a misalignment in the trapezius (the diamond shaped muscle connecting your neck to your wing bones and spine) – working on the muscle releases the neck and treats the pain.


Like massage (which is often a component of a physio course), physiotherapy is able to treat a number of pains and symptoms of poor health. When areas of your body move out of alignment, they can restrict blood flow and nervous impulses, or cause pain in other areas. A physiotherapist’s job is to identify the part of your body that forms the root cause of the pain, and work on strengthening and realigning it.

Not all physio has to be taken as a continuous course – neck and back pain can often be cured with a single visit. Be aware that chiropractor work (the manipulation of bones) is different from physiotherapy.


The feet are thought to be key indicators of nervous and muscular blockages, and may also signify interrupted or inefficient organ function.

Reflexology disperses the build-up of tiny crystals in the soles and balls of the feet, and works on the nerve endings found in the soles. It may also be performed on the ears and hands, and is similar in its effects to acupressure (a form of massage that works on the principles of acupuncture, but uses manual pressure instead of needles).

The idea behind reflexology is known as “referral” – in essence, the theory is that the nervous system is interconnected, so working on the extremities allows the reflexologist to produce beneficial results via the glands and organs of the patient. Hair removal it’s important to look after your self-esteem as well as the health of your nervous and muscular systems.

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